ECRI Weekly Leading Index Update

We have been asked to stop republishing ECRI data by the organization. Stay tuned while we find a way to resume!

This article was originally written by Doug Short. From 2016-2022, it was improved upon and updated by Jill Mislinski. Starting in January 2023, AP Charts pages will be maintained by Jennifer Nash at Advisor Perspectives/VettaFi.

Today's release of the publicly available data from ECRI puts the WLI at 145.6, up from the previous week's figure. The WLIg is at -10.3, up from last week and the WLI YoY is at -4.92%, down slightly from last week.

Below is a chart of ECRI's smoothed year-over-year percent change since 2000 of their weekly leading index.

WLI since 2000

Appendix: A Closer Look at the ECRI Index

The first chart below shows the history of the Weekly Leading Index and highlights its current level.