AP Charts & Analysis: Formerly dshort

Charting economic and market trends


Jill Mislinski

Jill Mislinski Jill has been working with Advisor Perspectives since 2012 and in 2015 joined the dshort team as Research Director. She considers herself a Gen X’er and has a background in mathematics and science. She holds a Master of Science in Physical Science with a concentration in physics and astronomy from the University of Chicago. Jill spent a number of years working in both academia and nonprofits, from research in space science to playing a major role in a start-up science outreach organization.

After years in science, Jill shifted her focus to finance and economics. She is interested in economic trends and market reactions, and how domestic and international economies integrate, interact, and influence the world’s markets.

When not analyzing financial and economic data, Jill enjoys running, traveling, and cooking for family and friends.

Doug Short

Doug Short Now retired, Doug is a first wave boomer with a Ph.D. in English from Duke and a lifelong interest in economics and finance. In 2011 his dshort.com financial website was acquired by Advisor Perspectives.

His interest in economics and financial planning was triggered by the bear market of 1973-74. He and his wife bought their first home in August 1973, a month after their second child was born. Two months later, the Oil Embargo tripled gas prices. During the decade of stagflation, Doug became fascinated with economics, finance, and market behavior.

Charting financial and economic data is something Doug has been doing for over thirty years. He was an early user of first-generation spreadsheet software (VisiCalc, SuperCalc, and Lotus 1-2-3), and he participated in the beta program for the original release of both Excel and Quicken.

Unless he’s been coerced into a vacation, Doug is usually at home in North Carolina watching the economy and markets on his handy Ultrabook or iPad.