AI Reviving the Nuclear Renaissance

The buzz about AI is alive and well this week, with Apple giving Siri an AI upgrade and partnering with OpenAI, and global spending now projected to top $300 billion in 2027.

The rapid expansion of AI’s footprint has reopened the floodgates for renewables like solar, wind and hydropower. But it's also propelled nuclear power into the spotlight as a viable, clean power source. And crucially, as one capable of providing the insatiable energy needed to power AI infrastructure. Right now, the U.S. nuclear fleet, which consists of 95 reactors, is set to play a pivotal role to meet rising power demands by 2030. In Texas alone, data mining centers have requested the equivalent of 41 nuclear power plants to fuel their operations.

There’s also a growing appetite from Silicon Valley heavyweights. Microsoft founder Bill Gates, Amazon chief Jeff Bezos, and a host of VC firms have invested in several nuclear startups to help power their data centers. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman called it a “desperate need for as much energy as we can manufacture.”

Investing in Nuclear Energy ETFs

When investors consider betting on AI, they typically think of semiconductors, cloud computing, and cybersecurity companies one would find in an ETF like the ROBO Global Artificial Intelligence ETF (THNQ).

But AI data centers have sparked strong demand for utilities – including those that operate nuclear power plants. And for those who believe in the nuclear narrative, a handful of ETFs provide avenues for exposure to nuclear and uranium mining.