Big News that Affects All Your Dividend Stocks

Defending my love of dividends consumes a lot of my time. Sometimes I’ll pull out my track record. Other times I explain how owning boring and stable dividend stocks means I spend less time watching and worrying about them.

That’s my favorite feature of dividends. My money works for me while I’m out enjoying the Florida sun.

Our Bedrock Income holdings include uneventful consumer staples and other companies that continue to rake in profits simply because the world goes round. We can hold them for years or decades. We even expect to hold our Current Yield positions for at least a year.

Markets go up and markets go down. Overall, as dividend investors, our stocks are stable through it all. We collect our dividends like clockwork.

But you might have missed a piece of very important news. It changed the workings of the entire market. And it will affect whether or not you are eligible for your dividend payments.

The Market Catches Up with the Times

The holiday weekend marked a shift in how the market functions. Prior to last week, the stock market has operated using a T+2 settlement model. The “T” stands for transaction or trade date. The “plus 2” indicates the settlement date—the date the trade becomes official—is two trading days later.