Exchange: Connecting to Support Komen

The just-concluded Exchange conference brought together more than 1,800 people on-site in Miami. The advisor and ETF community came together to learn from one another and industry experts.

Sessions were well-attended, whether they were keynotes from Dr. Richard Haass, ETF panel discussions on bitcoin, or practice management ones focused on succession planning. But connections also regularly occurred on the sidelines of the conference.

Personal Connections at Exchange

In my own way, I tried to capture these connections. I vowed to make a $5 donation to Susan G. Komen, which raises money to fight breast cancer, for every selfie I took and posted to social media. It was a lot of fun. Some were with old industry friends, and some were with advisors I was meeting for the first time. People whom I did not know came up to ask to take one with me so they could help the cause. I took just over 50 such photos, posted them to Linkedin, and will be boosting my initial donation later in the week. (Freely look through my posts to see them all.)