Exchange: Are You as Smart as an ETF Nerd?

Advisors got educated about ETFs and ETF experts got to show off their knowledge. What could be more enjoyable than that for an ETF nerd?

Yesterday, before the Super Bowl kicked off, VettaFi hosted an ETF game show at the Exchange conference in Miami. As part of the ETF Study Hall, we brought together the ETF community to help share information about some equity, fixed income, commodity, and even spot bitcoin ETFs.

Rosenbluth, and Advisors

ETF Quiz Show

Wrapping up the two hours of continuing education was an ETF Quiz Show. This big game paired two experts: Cinthia Murphy of ETF Think Tank with Nate Geraci of ETF Prime. Douglas Yones of NYSE with Katie Greifeld of Bloomberg News. Lastly, Alison Doyle of Nasdaq with Eric Balchunas of Bloomberg Intelligence. My VettaFi colleague Lara Crigger co-hosted with me.

Rosenbluth and Advisors

The true winners were the advisors in attendance and everyone who is part of the ETF community. However, we know some of you could not join us in Miami. So below are the first 10 questions we intended to ask, and further down are the answers. Try not to look at the answers first and see how you do.

Rosenbluth and Advisors