Dr. Wendy Borlabi Added to Exchange Speaker Roster

Exchange is less than two weeks away, and the reasons for advisors to go continue to accumulate. VettaFi is thrilled to announce that Dr. Wendy Borlabi will be joining the roster of experts and thought leaders speaking at Exchange.

Dr. Borlabi is a high-performance expert and the Director of Performance and Mental Health for the Chicago Bulls. She specializes in unlocking high performance in teams and individuals. Accordingly, she possesses deep expertise and understanding of the mental aspects of peak performance.

Dr. Wendy Borlabi Can Give You the Tools and Advice You Need to Tackle 2024

Sports and business are similar in what they demand performance-wise. With Exchange’s theme of “Blueprint for Growth,” finding the avenues to peak performance is paramount. If you aren’t achieving your top level of performance, you are leaving potential growth on the table.

Experts like Dr. Borlabi can help advisors find the best possible version of themselves and tackle the challenges and opportunities of 2024. She joins an already impressive list of speakers and panelists and adds another compelling reason for advisors to register for Exchange.

Financial advisor and member of the Exchange Advisor Council, Mike Durso of Shorehaven Wealth Partners will interview Dr. Wendy Borlabi at the conference. Accordingly, he will get her perspective on a range of issues specific to the advisor community.