The ETF Playoffs

Exchange will be throwing a party for the big game on February 11 at LIV. Last weekend, to the delight of Swifties everywhere, the Chiefs defeated the Ravens. They will meet the 49ers, who vanquished the Lions, setting the stage for the sports event of the year. But while you wait for that, the ETF Playoffs can slake your thirst for competitive action!

This week, follow Exchange on LinkedIn and vote for your favorite ETF trends of 2024. Today’s matchups include …

Spot Bitcoin vs. Gold

After a dismal few seasons, bitcoin appears to have gotten over the “Larry David Curse.” With recent SEC approval of spot bitcoin funds, rivalry between bitcoin and gold is back in full swing. Gold brings with it a deep and unassailable history as the go-to store of value for investors throughout the centuries. Bitcoin brings technology to the forefront, looking to usurp the precious metal as the universal symbol of wealth.

Covered Calls vs. Equal-Weight Large Cap Funds

It is no secret that covered calls have revolutionized how investors think about dividends. Options are no longer optional, and covered calls have become a force of nature in the income sleeve of many portfolios.

However, with the tremendous overperformance of the “Magnificent Seven,” equal-weight large cap funds look compelling. With many large caps currently undervalued, equal weighting provides an opportunity for unparalleled returns in 2024. Only one thing is certain — this match is going to be explosive!

The ETF Playoffs