VanEck’s DaCruz: Interest in Bitcoin ETFs ‘Only Going to Spike’

With the SEC opening the floodgates to spot bitcoin ETFs last week, VanEck’s Director of Digital Assets Product Kyle DaCruz thinks that interest in cryptocurrency products and bitcoin ETFs is “only going to spike.”

“I think from here on out, it’s going to just be continued interest and demand,” he said during a panel on VettaFi’s Cryptocurrency Symposium on Friday.

DaCruz said that after a few issues in the market, including cases of fraud, interest in bitcoin “had been muted,” and “rightly so.” But “now that these regulated products have come to market, interest is only going to spike.”

“As time goes on and as platforms continue to add access…we’ll start to see greater availability,” he noted. “There is some oversight and regulation in place.”

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