An ETF Nerd’s Exchange Conference Preview

The long-awaited spot bitcoin ETFs are trading after a decade of waiting. So now the ETF and advisor community has some available brain capacity to look forward. In a month, many will be in Miami, Florida to kick off the Exchange conference. I can’t wait.

From February 11-14, I expect close to 2,000 people will be part of Exchange. This advisor-focused event will cover much more than ETFs. We have veteran diplomat Richard Haass, global market strategist Dr. David Kelly, political expert Amy Walter, behavioral finance expert Neil Bage, Carson Coaching, and a range of advisors sharing best practices on the agenda. However, I’m an ETF nerd at heart. And that’s where my eyes are focused on the agenda.

ETF Study Hall Kicks Off the Event

On Sunday, before the Super Bowl starts, I’ll be leading a four-hour ETF study hall. Marguerita Cheng will be providing ethics training for the first half. Then with the help of fellow ETF nerds, VettaFi will dive into ETF education.

If you are attending a conference partially focused on ETFs, you know the basics. However, the range of ETFs available can be daunting. We will be joined by Eric Balchunas of Bloomberg Intelligence, Nate Geraci of the ETF Store, and Elisabeth Kashner of FactSet. They will offer due diligence tips to sort through the more than 3,000 ETFs. What metrics should you focus on? What mistakes to avoid? And so much more.

In addition, advisors likely want to understand how to build portfolios using ETFs from people who are doing it themselves. John Davi of Astoria Advisors and Katie Stockton of Fairlead Strategies will be joined on stage by Cinthia Murphy of ETF Think Tank. Davi and Stockton manage ETFs that own other ETFs – the Astoria US Quality Kings (ROE) and the Fairlead Tactical Sector ETF (TACK). Davi uses fundamental analysis, while Stockton’s expertise is in technical analysis. Together they will bring great insights to the advisor community. We are also going to have some fun playing a trivia game with our friends in the ETF community.

Advisors at Exchange