4 Key Steps of Conference Attendance

Exchange is just a month away, so here are four big things to do in advance of a conference. These tips will help you optimize your conference experience.

Leverage the Conference to Network Before and After the Event

When watching a movie, the experience doesn’t start and end with the movie itself. It starts well before the first frame, in anticipation of the event. Then, even after the credits have rolled, you talk about the movie with friends.

The same is true of conferences. Conferences occur at a specific place and time, but there are numerous opportunities to take advantage of what a conference has to offer before and after the event. The fact that you are attending a big industry event can be leveraged for you to express what you hope to achieve, share your expertise publicly, and even network.

Deal with Logistics as Soon as Possible

Allow yourself to focus on squeezing every ounce of value you can out of the conference by squaring your logistics as early as possible. Booking last-minute flights and hotels is more difficult and more expensive. The best time to register for an event you are going to attend is right now. The best time to snag a hotel and book a flight is also right now.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Conferences like Exchange provide lots of value to attendees – even if they show up without a plan. The entire financial services community will be there, opportunities to learn and grow are numerous, and the speaker list is astonishing.

That said, plans are useful! Accordingly, you can set yourself up for the most possible success by taking stock of what you need to grow your practice and forming a conference plan.