The Most Popular Vanguard Fixed Income ETFs in 2023

While 2022 was a brutal year for bonds, fixed income enjoyed many tailwinds this year, from high interest rates to lowered inflation to a less volatile economy. This made 2023 the year for fixed income. And in particular, it was a good year for Vanguard.

VettaFi’s Vice Chairman Tom Lydon called the firm “the Hoover of the ETF industry,” for the way it’s vacuumed up investor dollars.

“They are just rock solid. They’re just steady,” he said. They have so many choices.”

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Vanguard crossed the $2 trillion mark in U.S.-listed ETF assets under management earlier this year. And just this month, one Vanguard fixed income ETF reached $100 billion in assets, making it the first fixed income ETF to cross this threshold.

So, as 2023 comes to a close, let’s check out just how much investor capital Vanguard’s fixed income ETFs hoovered up this year.

All inflow data is yea to date as of December 20.

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