7 Gifts a Financial Advisor Should Give Themselves

The holiday season is often the busiest time of year for any profession, and for advisors it is no different. Business demands, family obligations, and heavy social calendars can make for an overwhelming time. Then there are gifts to consider. Advisors need to treat themselves sometimes. 2024 is going to be a big year, and here are the best gifts an advisors can give themselves.

Permission to Take Time Off — One of the Greatest Gifts

Whether you have your own practice or not, the pull of maximizing productivity and getting just a little bit more accomplished is always strong. But burnout is real and there is a downside to always hustling and working. Additionally, studies have shown that sometimes people who work less are actually more productive. With this in mind, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is permission to take a day off.

Gifts That Keep Giving, Such as a Ticket to the Big Event

Of course, you’ll want to pair additional time off with some focused career development time. Going to a conference like Exchange can help you not only grow your network and develop your practice, it can also shake you out of your routine and give you a fresh perspective. Connecting with community is important, and though a lot of business can be done from the office or at home, opportunities abound in live events.

A Signature Accessory or Clothing Item

Though you don’t want to end up like a character in an I Think You Should Leave sketch, there can be power in having a signature look. Michael Caine famously had a pair of very specific glasses. When he was coming up in his Hollywood career, a big part of his success was that people in the industry knew him as “the guy with the glasses” according to his book. A great gift you can give yourself is a nice accessory or item of clothing that will distinguish you from the crowd. It is always good to feel good about how you present, and something that fills you with confidence and also gives others a shorthand to remember you by can be helpful.

A Spa Day

It can be hard to splurge on something that you don’t get to take with you. Nice stuff is nice, but there are some experiences that are simply worth spending money on. A spa day is one of them. Financial advisors are often mired in stressful situations. When you are dealing directly with someone’s money, the stakes are high. That stress stays with your body. Spas can help expunge it, and reset your mentality.

A Book by a Finance Thought Leader

There are lots of things competing for our attention. We have myriad streaming services at our disposal, constantly releasing movies, video games, and more that are worth engaging in. Because we spend so much of our days looking at computers, it can be easy to fall out of the habit of reading. Audio books can help with that, but sometimes it’s useful to just pick up a book. Finance is full of luminaries and thought leaders who have shared their wisdom and expertise on the page. Brian Portnoy’s The Geometry of Wealth is an incredible read for advisors.

To go a step further, you could look at what experts recommend reading. Jeremy Grantham has shared four books he thinks every investor should read, for example.