Exchange 2024 Continues to Add Exceptional Speakers

With the final business of 2023 being wrapped up, the financial services community is starting to look forward to 2024. The first big event of the new year will be the Exchange 2024 conference. From February 11th-14th, the financial services community will gather at Miami Beach. The conference theme is “Blueprint for Growth.”

Exchange already has an impressive slate of keynote speakers, including the recently announced Jeremy Grantham. However, expertise will abound at the Florida conference. Accordingly, Exchange is thrilled to announce some recent additions to its roster of experts and thought leaders who will be helping advisors put together a plan for 2024 and beyond.

Matt Hougan – The Crypto Expert Will Speak at Exchange 2024

Crypto captured the public imagination to the extent that Larry David was promoting it at the Superbowl. Then it hit a series of obstacles. Bitcoin prices plummeted, NFTs crashed, and the less said about FTX the better. But every crypto winter gives way to a new crypto spring. In all likelihood, the SEC could approve a spot product next year. Fortunately, attendees at Exchange can hear from Bitwise’s Matt Hougan and learn all about the opportunities in the space and what the crpyto spring could look like.

Hougan is the Chief Investment Officer at Bitwise and the former CEO of Inside ETFs. He is a widely acknowledged expert in the field and a much sought-after voice on all things cryptocurrency.