Exchange Announces Jeffrey Gundlach as Keynote Speaker

Exchange is thrilled to announce another incredible keynote speaker. DoubleLine Capital founder Jeffrey Gundlach will join an already impressive lineup of Exchange speakers.

DoubleLine manages over $93 billion in combined assets. Gundlach is a towering figure in financial services, who is known for bold decisions. He correctly predicted the housing crash in 2007. Gundlach has been dubbed the “King of Bonds” by Barron’s.

Gundlach Has a Penchant for Bold Predictions

More recently, Gundlach has warned of “demons on the horizon” for stocks. He also sees trouble ahead for the dollar and is predicting a recession in 2024. Gundlach points to government spending as a big culprit, along with recent corporate layoffs, ballooning credit card debt, and ongoing challenges due to high mortgage rates and a difficult economic environment for small businesses and consumers.

Exchange Continues to Prove Its Value

Exchange has long had a tradition of excellence when it comes to speakers. Previous years have included speakers such as Rodney Mullen, Ian Bremmer, and investing legend Cathie Wood.

With Gundlach joining Amy Walters, Dr. David Kelly, and Richard Haass as a keynote speaker in the next Exchange, attendees will get important, actionable analysis for how to position portfolios to best navigate the political winds of 2024. Intellectual titans such as Walters and Gundlach can provide critical analysis and insight, giving advisors the edge they need to weather the inevitable economic storms generated by an election year.