The Income Strategy Symposium Is October 27

The first nine months of 2023 have seen significant growth. Despite this growth, questions remain. Income is top of mind as many investors worry about the potential of a recession, the ongoing high-rate environment, and market uncertainty. Enter the Income Strategy symposium.

VettaFi head of research Todd Rosenbluth said, “With bond yields hitting levels not seen in more than a decade, advisors have lots of questions about what’s next in fixed income. We’re bringing together industry experts to help us understand how to position portfolios for 2024 with a range of income strategies. Using index-based ETFs and actively managed funds, there are many tools available to choose from.”

Finding the Income Strategy to Meet the Moment

Income is always important, but not all income strategies are created equal. As such, investors and advisors must be looking for the income streams that make the most sense for the market context. Today’s market is hard for the average investor to wrap their head around. Positive indicators abound, but so do troubling ones. With mixed signals becoming the norm and potential headwinds on the horizon, investors need a careful plan. Fortunately, VettaFi is gathering the thought leaders and experts who can help advisors understand the bigger picture.