How to Follow Up With New Contacts Post-Conference

A familiar situation to many advisors: You’ve just attended a big conference, such as Future Proof or Exchange. You have a stack of new contacts, partnership opportunities, and friendly faces. All of this is great. But now you’re back in your daily grind. As such, finding time to write to everyone can be challenging. As days become weeks, you start to wonder if you’ve missed your window to respond.

Here’s the good news: You haven’t!

Kick Off Your Conference Correspondence With These Templates

Even months after a conference, it never hurts to reach out to someone and let them know you’re thinking of them. With VettaFi’s goal of transforming financial services from an industry into a community, we’re happy to share some response templates. These should help cut back on the time it takes to compose a message and help you move the relationship forward. Here are some templates for common conference encounters:

Template #1 – Someone You Met at the Conference in Passing

Hello [name]! It was delightful to briefly connect at [event.] I was hoping we’d get more time to chat, but there was obviously quite a bit going on. Hope your conference experience was great. I’d love to talk more about [topic]when you’ve got a moment.

Template #2 – Someone You Connected With at the Conference

Hey [name.] It was such a joy getting to connect at [event.] I really enjoyed [specific memory from the event.]I know we’re back to the daily grind now, but I’d love to find some time to chat more about [where you see connection/opportunity]. My schedule has availability on [dates/times.]

In the meantime, hope you had a safe flight back to [place they are from.]Looking forward to chatting more.