Follow the Leaders in ESG With This Active ETF

Though time will continue to reveal its staying power, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) thus far has proven that it has its place in the investment community. When it comes to getting broad exposure that targets companies that are in the forefront of the ESG movement, consider the American Century Sustainable Growth ETF (ESGY).

ESGY is actively managed, giving investors peace of mind that the holdings in the fund are in the hands of professional portfolio managers. Per its fund description, ESGY seeks to provide a total return exceeding the benchmark over a market cycle by using a growth U.S. equity strategy that integrates ESG factors into the investment process.

Salient features of ESGY per the product website:

  • Invests in large-growth companies with improving business fundamentals and sustainable corporate behaviors.
  • Combines quantitative and fundamental research from multiple sources to ensure exposure to companies with more attractive ESG characteristics.
  • Uss a dynamic risk-management process focused on understanding and quantifying all portfolio risks.