VettaFi’s Dave Nadig on AI: “We Should Be in That Critical Learning Phase”

When it comes to AI, VettaFi’s financial futurist Dave Nadig said that thanks to ChatGPT, “we’re in this bit of a hype cycle.” But we’re also “in a bit of the reality-check cycle.”

Nadig likened AI to the Internet in 1997. By then, Bill Gates had dismissed the Internet as a fad. And yet, no one could pretend it didn’t exist.

“We should be in that critical learning phase,” Nadig said at the introductory panel of VettaFi’s AI Symposium.

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On one hand, advisors are interested in advanced AI and looking for opportunistic plays within the space. But on the other hand, “they’re pretty skeptical about big hype cycles,” Nadig said. “That’s the appropriate response.”