The Benefits of Combining Active ETFs With AI

Active ETFs have had a big year so far in 2023 by several metrics. From institutional investor interest to advisors planning to up allocations, active strategies have grown in popularity. With their ability to invest nimbly and lean on managerial expertise, that appeal makes some sense. How, then, do active ETFs engage with one of the biggest investing trends this year – AI? VettaFi’s AI Symposium explored combining active ETFs with AI Wednesday in a wide-ranging discussion.

The segment included insight from Spear Invest founder & CEO Ivana Delevska and BNY Mellon Investment Management head of secular pod Robert Zeuthen. Hosted by VettaFi vice chairman Tom Lydon, the group explored how active ETFs can stand out when engaging with artificial intelligence firms. With the global artificial intelligence market projected to grow from $150 billion in 2023 to $1.3 trillion in 2030, identifying the best active ETFs with AI is a priority.

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How BNY Mellon, Spear Invest See AI

For BNY Mellon’s side of things, the firm sees AI as early in its innovation cycle, per Zeuthen. Its managers see AI as potentially disruptive to multiple different industries, with its ETF the BNY Mellon Innovators ETF (BKIV) able to move between sectors.