The Artificial Intelligence Symposium Happens Today

VettaFi’s Artificial Intelligence Symposium is happening today. Investors and advisors seeking to better understand this complicated and exciting new technology will have the opportunity to hear from experts and thought leaders. Additionally, they can do so for free while earning CE credits. Now is the time to expand your understanding of this critical topic.

The Symposium Agenda

The symposium’s agenda covers a number of important topics. For instance, learn how AI will change investment management. Additionally, discover which companies are best positioned to be AI leaders. Concurrently, unpack how the biggest companies today are using AI to increase their profitability.

Topics covered will also include how AI is driving investment strategies, what it means for active ETFs, and where active managers can find the best AI-related opportunities. A full agenda breakdown can be found here.

All-Star Line-up

The speakers at the AI symposium include BlackRock’s Jay Jacobs, Global X’s Pedro Palandrani, and State Street Global Advisor’s Matthew Bartolini. Also featured will be VettaFi financial futurist Dave Nadig, vice chair Tom Lydon, and head of research Todd Rosenbluth.

A full speaker list can be found here. The two-hour symposium is brimming with talented, insightful speakers.

Why You Can’t Afford to Miss the AI Symposium

According to Rosenbluth, “AI has been the buzzword of 2023 and it has been in the news on a daily basis. But how to invest in the theme in a diversified manner and how to leverage AI is less well understood. By the end of the two hours, advisors will walk away with investment ideas and how to talk to their clients about how AI thanks to our asset management partners.”

In conclusion, this event can’t be missed by any investor or advisor who wants to stay ahead of the puck. Register here and reserve your slot for the 11am ET event.

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