VettaFi Voices On: One Year as VettaFi

Last week, the VettaFi Voices gathered to reflect on a year at VettaFi under the firm’s new name. The team celebrated wins, and time spent together, and shared their favorite insights and highlights from a busy twelve months.

Todd Rosenbluth, director of ETF research: Happy one-year anniversary, everyone! VettaFi’s accomplishments this year to transform financial services from an industry into a community have amazed me. I’ve enjoyed working with every one of my fellow VettaFi Voices. I also want to shout out everyone at VettaFi who makes our content, webcasts, and in-person events even better.

Dave Nadig, financial futurist: I think it will be hard to top the feeling of bringing the community together in person at Exchange. I found real conversations with advisors, portfolio managers, economists, and thought leaders an incredible expression of our brand values. I am proud we’ve really kept that front and center in all our work: asking the right questions to help advisors make better decisions.

Rosenbluth: Yes, Dave, I agree on Exchange. I got to spend quality time with Roxanna and Stacey for the first time and saw so many advisors. We received tremendous feedback, and I’m excited for Exchange 2024.

Stacey Morris, Todd Rosenbluth, and Roxanna Islam.

Rosenbluth, Morris, and Islam at Exchange 2023.