4 High-Yielding Dividend Growth Stocks

Dividend Growth Stocks

In this video I will cover 4 dividend growth stocks: Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), Intel Corp (INTC), International Business Machines (IBM) and AT&T Inc (T)

dividend growth stocks portfolio
dividend growth stocks portfolio

I believe one of the most important considerations when selecting stocks to add to your portfolio is honestly answering this question: What am I investing for? However, the correct answer to this question will vary from individual investor to another. For example, one investor may be entering retirement and only have enough capital to fund their retirement if they can earn 3% income from their investments. In contrast, another investor could have many years to go before they retire and therefore most interested in accumulating capital to fund their retirement.

Clearly, individual situations can vary to an almost infinite degree. Every investor is different and has different needs. Furthermore, there is also the issue of risk tolerance. Some investors are simply not psychologically suited to deal with risk. In contrast, some investors are fully capable of assessing risk and therefore dealing with it. Consequently, when considering individual stocks to add to their portfolio, quality characteristics may be important to one investor, whereas growth characteristics may be more important to another. And just like the need for income, the situations can vary, again, to an almost infinite degree.