The Nearly Unlimited Demand for Better Energy Storage

Taking stock of where we find ourselves, roughly halfway through 2022, a few things are very clear:

  • The Russia/Ukraine situation has created a source of stress in fossil fuel markets, contributing to rising price levels that feed into the inflation narrative, which remains high.
  • The world—with some regions pushing harder than others—continues to affirm its commitment to fight climate change, with a focus on lowering carbon emissions.
  • There is more and more discussion about methods of energy storage beyond electric vehicles (EVs). EVs are very tangible, but improving electric grids and thinking about other energy solutions like hydrogen are also important. European Parliament lawmakers even voted on June 8, 2022, to ban the sale of new internal combustion vehicles from 2035.1

At this point, where do we honestly see ourselves on the journey to more and better energy storage solutions?

We believe that a truly EV future will require enormous investments across a range of different types of firms, and we are only in the very early stages.