Finally Dividend Growth Stocks On Sale: 12 Gifts Courtesy of the Bear Market – Part 3

Throughout the duration of the recent bull market (one of the longest on record) common stocks in the general sense became significantly overvalued. Moreover, with interest rates simultaneously hovering at all-time lows, best-of-breed dividend growth stocks were among the most mis-appraised of all.

Finally, for many reasons, but to a great extent rising interest rates, the worm has turned. The bull market has turned into a bear market. As a result, stocks of all categories, types, and flavors have corrected significantly. But there is a caveat. Despite the current bear market, and despite the fact that most stocks have fallen recently, once again in the general sense, valuations remain higher than prudence would dictate.

But as I often state, it is a market of stocks and not a stock market. Therefore, there are certain stocks that have become prudent, safe, and opportunistic long-term investments. In this video I offer 12 Dividend Kings which are the best of the best dividend growth stocks currently on sale. Regardless of all the angst that bear markets bring, investors need to be cognizant of the fact that with the pain comes opportunity