Financial Stocks Are Cheaper Than Usual

5 A Rated Life and Health Insurance Dividend Growth Stocks

Financial Stocks Portfolio

Since the recession of 2008 in 2009, financial stocks in general have been trading at significantly lower valuations than normal. This creates several opportunities for the value investor. First of all, there is always the potential turbocharging of your performance if the stocks move back into a more normal and comparable valuation ranges. However, many of the high-quality dividend growth stocks in the financial sector are cheap today by any standard definition of valuation.

In this video we cover 5 very high-quality A rated or better life and health insurers all with long-term debt to capital levels of 25% or lower. Moreover, each of the 5 stocks I cover today offer dividend yields much higher than the yield you can get from the SPY. This combination of quality, low valuation, and high-yield make these blue-chip dividend growth stocks worthy of further evaluation by the prudent dividend investor.