Hardening of the Economies

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Marks: Pendulum Swings

Wood: Innovation Wins

Maybe Dallas, a Gamble, and on…

Atherosclerosis, or hardening of the arteries, occurs when substances like cholesterol accumulate and impede your blood flow. This keeps your body from delivering nutrients where needed. Left untreated, it usually doesn’t end well.

Something similar is happening to the global economy.

Like atherosclerosis, it’s been building toward a crisis for years. Central bank policy errors, fiscal mistakes, trade protectionism, inadequate infrastructure investment, COVID-19, Russia, and more all blended into a toxic brew that is now blocking our financial circulation.

We talked about all this at the Strategic Investment Conference. Today, I’ll continue recapping some of the sessions. You can read my previous summaries here and here. Or, better yet, get your own Virtual Pass and have full access to video, transcripts, slides, and downloadable audio.

As with bodily atherosclerosis, curing our economic condition may require lifestyle modifications. But in one sense, it will be even worse: We’re all going to get the cure whether we want it or not. We’ll get its side effects, too… and you can bet there will be many.