Biden Economy Is Failing The "Big Mac" Test


1. Overview – The “Big Mac Index” Revisited

2. President Biden Celebrates First Year In Office

3. The Question Is: Do Most Americans Agree? No

4. Record Number of Americans Say They’re Unhappy

Overview – The “Big Mac Index” Revisited

I recently ran across a couple of references to an old economic indicator called the “Big Mac Index.” The Big Mac Index simply compares the price of the famous McDonald’s hamburger in one country to the price in another – and whether you could buy more or less of it if you had the same money you had last year.

It’s been a long time since I have seen a reference to the Big Mac Index, and I wondered if many of my readers had even heard of this index. So, I thought it might make for an interesting discussion today. It needs a little set-up, though, so bear with me.