3 Model Dividend Growth Portfolios for 3 Different Objectives

Introduction Dividend Growth Portoflios

With this video, which is the 3rd and final part of a 3-part series, I present 3 dividend growth portfolios that can be built in today’s generally overvalued market. One portfolio is designed for aggressive current income, the second for realistic current income and the thrid for higher growth of income. In the future we will revisit these portfolios to see how they are performing relative to both capital appreciation and dividend income. Additionally, these growth portfolios will be managed where stocks could be deleted and replaced if necessary.

These model portfolios are not portfolios that I would necessarily build for myself. These model portfolios are constructed based on specific but hypothetical goals, needs objectives and risk tolerances. These model portfolios were built based on immediately investing 100% of the money. In the real world, I would recommend a more gradual approach. These model portfolios are presented to illustrate but 3 of the numerous portfolio designs that could be implemented. In the real world there is an infinite array of portfolio types that could be built. The central idea behind this video utilizing these models is to illustrate the process and the methodology of a rational and prudent portfolio construction designed and implemented under the general principles of value investing.

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