Spiking U.S. Inflation – Is It Really Temporary?


1. Inflation Continues To Rise Above Expectations

2. Consumer Price Index Leaps To 5.4% Annual Rate

3. Is Latest Spike in US Inflation Really Temporary?

4. The “Non-Transitory” Crowd Has a Different View

5. CNL Strategic Capital Webinar Wednesday, July 21

Overview – Inflation Continues To Rise Above Expectations

US inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index and others continues to surge at rates we haven’t seen in decades. For June, the CPI soared to the highest annual rate we’ve seen in 13 years and was above economists’ consensus expectation for the third month in a row. And the CPI is expected to be hot again for July.

The Federal Reserve has been assuring us that the latest spike in inflation is temporary, and prices should subside later this year and in 2022. The Fed says this should be only a “transitory” jump in inflation which has been fueled primarily by a relatively few big-ticket items rising sharply in price in recent months, which are likely to normalize in the months ahead, they say.