This Is How I Find GREAT Stocks To Invest In

How To Find Great Stocks To Invest In

Stocks To Invest In
Benjamin Franklin

I have an interesting video for you today on stock research and due diligence on finding great stocks to invest in. What I am doing is updating a video that I produced more than 2 years ago titled: Comprehensive Research and Due Diligence Is a Process, Here Is Mine. If you would like to watch the entire video here is a link.

However, what I am doing with today’s video is updating that original video while simultaneously showcasing the lessons in knowing your company well and the importance of valuation that this update provides. The original video was done just prior to Covid which, as we all know, was a once in a century cataclysmic event. Nevertheless, when evaluating strong companies with good balance sheets backed up with a comprehensive understanding of the business, even catastrophic events can be successfully navigated. What follows is the original intro to the video I produced in February 2019:

One of the subscribers and regular viewers of my FAST Graphs YouTube channel made the following request: