Democrats Try To Hijack Voting Laws/Rights


1. Overview – Democrats’ New Voting Reforms Are Bad

2. Democrats’ Election Reform Bills Fail To Pass – Why?

3. Democrats Claim Republican States Suppressing Votes

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Overview – Democrats’ New Voting Reforms Are Bad

I generally try to avoid political commentaries in Forecasts & Trends, although I never hesitate to make it clear I am a conservative on most issues. Yet sometimes there are political issues which are so important they have the potential to affect national elections for years to come and thus the economy and perhaps even the markets. This is one of those times.

The liberals in Washington are trying to hijack the voting laws in all 50 states. Essentially, the Democrats want to federalize all national elections and take away states’ rights to control such elections and set the rules for same. These sweeping election changes have already passed in the House of Representatives but are seemingly dead in the Senate.