Long Humanity

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Back in New York, Anniversaries, and Father’s Day

Long Humanity

“At the end of the day” is a trite figure of speech, but it sometimes fits. It signals you’ve used all your time, and now you’ll wrap up and begin thinking about tomorrow.

I like to say designing the Strategic Investment Conference agenda is my personal art form. There’s more to it than just picking speakers and topics. The order matters, too, as does each session’s combination of viewpoints—especially pairing the speakers in panels and letting them test their views against one another.

I try to build toward a finish so, at the end of the (final) day, attendees reach a satisfying conclusion. It may not be the conclusion they wanted, but it should at least be coherent and help them decide what to do next. That’s a bit different in an online format, but it turned out even better in some ways.

This year’s SIC closing day was a blockbuster. In this letter, I’ll wrap up my conference reviews by wrapping that day for you.