Home Depot versus Lowe’s


For this week’s Subscriber Request Tuesday, I will be comparing Home Depot to Lowe’s.

It is almost uncanny how Home Depot and Lowe’s have operating histories that parallel each other very closely. If you did not have the name of the company on the FAST Graph, you would have trouble telling one from the other. However, even though their records have been similar, there are differences. Home Depot is bigger, and as a result grows at a slightly lower rate. Nevertheless, both companies have excellent long-term records of growth, and both have generated strong returns for their long-term shareholders.

But the past is the past, and the future is what truly matters. In that regard, Lowe’s has the edge in both forecast future growth and valuation relative to that growth. Consequently, prudent value investors would be best served to consider Lowe’s over Home Depot today. On the other hand, if Home Depot were to revert to the mean, it would also be an excellent choice if it could be purchased in alignment with its valuation.

FAST Graphs Analyze Out Loud Video – Home Depot versus Lowe’s

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