Expecting Inflation

Expecting Inflation

Inflationary Heartbeat
Demand-Driven Price Hikes
From Energy to Wages
I’ll Be Seeing You in NYC, Maine, and All the Old Familiar Places

The annual whirlwind is over. SIC was once again a mental overload. This year our virtual schedule spread it over almost two weeks, which was actually nice. The in-between days let the ideas settle a bit before the firehose opened again. Fifty powerful, thoughtful speakers are a lot to absorb.

As promised, I’ll continue sharing some SIC highlights with you in my next few letters. This week and next we will look at the inflation/deflation debate. This popped up repeatedly (sometimes by design, sometimes randomly) and often provoked vigorous disagreement.

Today we’ll consider the arguments for higher inflation in the near future. As you will see, they are serious and convincing. But there are equally serious and convincing points on the deflationary side as well. We’ll get to those next week.

Let me say at the outset that I am merely touching the surface of the arguments from the pro-inflation speakers at the conference. There were at least five hours of discussion on the topic, and you need to read at least the transcripts to get the full weight of the argument. What follows below is just a sample.

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Now, let’s hear from some SIC inflation hawks.