US Inflation Blows Past Expectations In April


1. Overview – US Inflation Finally On the Rise

2. Consumer Price Index More Than Doubles to 4.2%

3. April CPI Jump Was More Than “Calendar Effect”

4. Why President Biden Won’t Visit the Border Crisis

Overview – US Inflation Finally On the Rise

The US inflation rate soared above all pre-report estimates in April, the Labor Department reported last Wednesday, to its highest level in 12 years. The Consumer Price Index had been running at an annual rate of just under 2% for the last several years, but the latest report for April came in at more than double that rate. I’ll give you all the details just below.

Following that discussion, we’ll look at what I found to be the most interesting and surprising topic I ran across in the last week. We all know we have a serious crisis going on at our southern border, with thousands of immigrants entering our country illegally each week. Yet President Biden refuses to acknowledge this is a crisis, much less visit the border in person.

Last week, President Biden’s Press Secretary finally tried to address the question of why Mr. Biden refuses to visit the border and see the crisis firsthand. Her answer to a reporter’s question was a stunner! It may have been the lamest answer I have ever seen a sitting president offer. I’ll fill you in as we go along today. Prepare to be offended!

Let’s get started.