Government Could’ve Issued $20,000 Checks Instead Of Stimulus


1. $1.9T Stimulus A Waste – Biden Could Have Done This Instead

2. Biden Could Have Given Us All $20,000+ Instead of Stimulus

3. Perspective: The Math Doesn’t Add Up – We Were Cheated

4. Americans Are Sitting On A Record Pile of Cash – Now What?


Each week when I prepare to write this letter, I read dozens (sometimes hundreds) of articles. It helps that I am a professionally trained speed-reader. I took a semester long speed-reading course in college which boosted my reading speed from 250 words per minute, about the average for most readers, to over 2,000 words/minute with increased comprehension. It can be done.

This was one of the best decisions I ever made, and I highly encourage everyone to take a speed-reading class, no matter your age. You will never regret it! At the very least, encourage your kids to do it. There are hundreds of speed-reading classes available across the country, including many which are offered in the evening and/or online.

Anyway, when I start my reading each week, I look for the most interesting topics I can find to bring to your attention in these pages. Most writers in my profession focus their attention on topics related to investment themes, the economy or the markets.

I tend to focus on what I think you will find most interesting and topics I doubt you’ll find in the mainstream media. Reader surveys we’ve done over the years confirm that most of my readers like this style, and you overwhelmingly encourage me to keep doing it.