US Economy Set To Soar - $2T Stimulus Is Bad Idea


1. Overview – Forecasters Predict Super-Strong Growth

2. 2020: Worst Economic Growth Since WWII Ended

3. Forecasters Raising Economic Estimates For 2021

4. Strong Economic Growth May Keep Inflation In Check

5. We Didn’t Need the $1.9 Trillion Stimulus… My Opinion

Overview – Forecasters Predict Super-Strong Growth

Since the Commerce Department reported in late February that 4Q Gross Domestic Product (GDP) rose a stronger than expected 4.1%, many mainstream forecasters have been raising their US growth projections for 2021. Today we’ll look at two well-known forecasters who now believe the US economy will surge by over 6% this year, and the reasons why they are so optimistic.

We’ll start by reviewing the economy in 2020 which saw the worst yearly performance in 74 years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and despite numerous stimulus efforts from the government. Hundreds of thousands of businesses were shut down or severely restricted, many of which are never coming back.

Following that discussion, we’ll look at the possibility such strong economic growth, if it materializes, could keep inflation in check. While this theory doesn’t fit with conventional thinking, it’s at least a possibility.

And finally, I’ll give you my thoughts on why President Biden’s latest $1.9 trillion stimulus package was a bad idea. While some of you may disagree, I’ll bet most of you agree with me. Let’s get started.