This COVID-19 Play Could Double Or Even Triple Your Money In 2021: Alpha Pro Tech Limited


It goes without saying that COVID-19and the pandemic has been and is a terrible thing. People have gotten terribly sick and many have even succumbed to this horrible virus. Clearly, there is nothing good or positive that can be said about this scourge from a purely human or humanity perspective.

On the other hand, from a pure investment perspective, the pandemic has brought significant growth to certain industries. Obviously, the vaccine industry stands to profit handsomely as many companies roll out vaccines to protect people. Furthermore, an article in the Wall Street Journal over the weekend posits that COVID-19 is likely here to stay. The title of the article says it all: “As Covid-19 Vaccines Raise Hope, Cold Reality Dawns That Illness Is Likely Here to Stay.” The article’s byline also provides insight into the investment opportunities that this scourge might bring: “Ease of transmission, new strains, limits of vaccination programs all mean COVID-19 will be around for years—and a big business.” Here is a link to the complete article which is available for those who subscribe to the Wall Street Journal.

For those of you who are not Wall Street Journal subscribers, the following excerpt from the above article summarizes the opportunity for certain industries:

“But some organizations are planning for a long-term future in which prevention methods such as masking, good ventilation and testing continue in some form. Meanwhile, a new and potentially lucrative Covid-19 industry is emerging quickly, as businesses invest in goods and services such as air-quality monitoring, filters, diagnostic kits and new treatments.”

Alpha Pro Tech Limited: (APT)

Alpha Pro Tech Limited is one company that stands to prosper because of the pandemic. The following company summary courtesy of Zacks Investment Research describes the opportunity:

“Alpha Pro Tech is in the business of protecting people, products and environments. The Company develops, manufactures, and markets disposable protective apparel and infection control products through its subsidiary, Alpha Pro Tech, Inc. Its products find their application in the clean room, industrial, pharmaceutical, medical, and dental markets. Products offered by Alpha include: shoecovers, bouffant caps, gowns, coveralls, lab coats, face masks, eye shields, and medical bed pads, and etc. Alpha Pro Tech is based in Markham, Canada.”

The following screenshot taken directly from the company’s website showcases some of the long-term business opportunities that Alpha Pro Tech has with face shields and masks alone: