Touching On Several National Issues of Interest Today


1. How Biden Would Handle Disagreements With VP Harris
2. What President Biden Should Do On Day One in Office
3. The Growing “Wage Gap” in America in One Worrisome Chart
4. Bad News For Liberals – America is Still a Conservative Country

Overview – Touch On Several Topics Today

I usually try to focus on one main topic in these pages each Tuesday, but there are some weeks where there is not one specific topic or theme to zero in on. This is one of those weeks. The media seems focused on President-elect Biden and his Cabinet and inner circle appointments, whether President Trump will leave the White House peaceably, coronavirus developments, the January 5 Senate runoff races in Georgia and which party will control the Senate.

Since there is no single topic to focus on today, I’ll touch on several bases as we go along. Sometimes these multi-issue letters are the most interesting, if you don’t mind jumping around a little. Let’s see what happens today.

I’ll start with some seemingly bizarre comments President-elect Biden made last week about what he might do if he and Vice President Harris run into any serious moral disagreements on policy. If you haven’t heard this, prepare to be shocked.

From there, I’ll move to what I think President-elect Biden should do as soon as he takes office. He has made many promises on what actions he will take on his first day in office, including reversing President Trump’s tax cuts and other liberal actions. But I have a different suggestion for what he ought to do first. Think trade policy.

Following that discussion, I’ll briefly revisit the income gap in America and the worsening wage inequality problem. I ran across the best chart I have seen which illustrates this issue, and I have reprinted it for you below.

And finally, I’ll close with some comments on why the November 3 election was such a huge disappointment for the Democrats. Not only was the recent election not a “Blue Wave” for the liberals, it was a “Red Wave” for down-ballot Republicans, even though President Trump lost at the top of the ticket.

That’s a lot to get to in one letter, so let’s jump right in.