Business on the Frontline

Small Business in a Pandemic
Temporary, We Thought
More than Hair
A Way Forward
Montana and Puerto Rico

I write this introduction from an all-too-short vacation in Montana (more below). This week I have asked my longtime associate Patrick Watson to step in and write Thoughts from the Frontline, offering his perspective as a small business owner.

As you read this, realize his story is being played out hundreds of thousands of times all over the US and maybe millions of times all over the world. It is why I said last week that this depression/recession is unlike any we have experienced. Parts of our economy are doing well, parts are in recession, and a significant portion is already in a depression. As government guarantees wane in the future, more and more companies and people will slip into the depression category. But I will let Patrick tell his own story.

Patrick initially came to work for me in the late 1980s. He has worked off and on for my numerous businesses over the years while also pursuing other ventures of his own. Now he helps me each week with Thoughts from the Frontline research, as well as being the lead collaborator for Over My Shoulder. His summaries at the beginning of each issue have become very popular. He has a real talent for that.

For good or ill, he also has the dubious distinction of having read and edited more of my words than anyone over the past 30+ years. I have come to rely upon his candor and insights. He has sharpened my writing and forces me to back up my assertions with facts. He makes my work even better and I am truly grateful. I think you’ll find his story enlightening.