Reflection Week

Week 1 Highlights
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Then It Was Wednesday
War of the Experts
Puerto Rico and the World

I knew this letter’s topic months ago. It was going to be a review of the Strategic Investment Conference, which would have just concluded fabulously in sunny Scottsdale.

Well, something intervened. Coronavirus precautions kept us from having an in-person conference. No one was more disappointed than me. I often say SIC is the highlight of my year, and I’m not kidding. Being around so many brilliant minds, soaking up their knowledge, and all the while meeting and talking with so many loyal readers and close friends—it’s just an amazing experience.

Yet I have to say, the Virtual SIC we are now halfway through is amazing, too. It’s different, obviously. Instead of shaking hands, I’m sitting in front of a camera in my makeshift bedroom studio. There’s no applause or hallway chats or wonderful meals with friends. But we’ve made up for the missing elements with extra speakers and a stretched-out schedule. It’s a little less intense—and a lot more relaxed.

We have two days to go and you can still join us. More on that below. But first, I want to share some first-week highlights.