US Birth Rate Falls 4th Straight Year - Should We Worry?


1. US Birth Rate Falls For 4th Straight Year – Implications

2. Birth Rate Decline Varies by Race & Other Factors

3. Birth Rate Vs. Fertility Rate: Implications For The Population

4. How Low Fertility Rate Could Affect The Economy, Etc.


Forget those fears of a global “Population Bomb” and worldwide famine which were made popular several decades ago. While the world’s population is still growing, birth rates in most developed nations are falling, including the United States.

American women of child-bearing age are having fewer and fewer babies. While data is not yet available for 2019, the US birth rate declined for the last four consecutive years ended 2018, and is expected to have fallen again last year. Meanwhile, the US fertility rate has also declined for the last four years and likely again in 2019, putting it at a record low.

The US birth rate is now below the so-called “replacement rate” necessary to maintain our population size. If this trend continues, and most researchers believe it will, there are some troubling implications for the economy, the workforce and other aspects of our lives. That is why I want to bring this information to your attention today.