Did President Trump Make the Right Decision on Iran?


1. Trump’s Iran Decision Could Secure His Victory in 2020

2. How the US & Iran Got to This Very Dangerous Place

3. Why Iran’s Leaders Want a War With the United States

4. What If Iran Continues to Provoke the US Going Forward?

Trump’s Iran Decision Could Secure His Victory in 2020

As you know, President Trump decided last Thursday not to go ahead with plans to bomb multiple Iranian military facilities, in response to Iran’s downing of an expensive US military drone last week. Mr. Trump initially received widespread, bipartisan praise for his last-minute decision not to bomb Iran. Even liberal news outlets praised him initially.

It didn’t take long for that to change, of course. Less than 24 hours after his decision to call off the mission, the liberal media turned on the president, calling him indecisive, weak and even a “coward. Yet as I will explain below, I believe President Trump made the right decision. If I’m right, it may prove to be the best decision he ever made. Here’s why.

While I have not heard anyone in the media (on either side) say this, I believe Trump’s decision on Iran will go a long way toward getting him re-elected in 2020. There are plenty of other ways we can punish Iran without killing innocent people. President Trump decided he did not want to kill people. I applaud him for that!

While those on the Left still despise the president, and have already resumed their vicious attacks on him, there was at least a brief moment of bipartisan agreement that President Trump made a wise decision last Thursday.

While some far-Right conservatives expressed disappointment over Trump’s decision to call off the bombings, I believe his decision will influence many Independents to vote for him in 2020. If he doesn’t do something else to screw it up, I think his decision to cancel the bombing of Iran may push him comfortably over the top next year.

I know that plenty of my clients and readers don’t care for President Trump. Heck, there are a lot of things I don’t like about him – I’ve made no secret about that. Yet I believe Trump was the most presidential of his time in the White House last week. I appreciate the fact that even many on the Left agreed. The right decision is the right decision, regardless of your Party.