The Middle Class is Exploding Around the World

1. Overview – Global Middle Class is Surging
2. Astounding Growth of the Global Middle Class
3. Americans Have Different View of Middle Class

Overview – Global Middle Class is Surging

If you listen to the media, you probably think the “middle class” is declining rapidly, not just here but around the world. It’s true, the middle class is declining in America, but not for the reasons the media would have us believe. It’s actually a good thing, and I’ll explain why as we go along today.

The fact is, the middle class is exploding in many parts of the world and may be the greatest story of our age. The Washington Post reported last week that people around the world are joining the middle class on a scale never before seen.

This revelation came from a recent Brookings Institution study which found that the world is quietly nearing a historic milestone few would have dreamed possible a generation ago. By 2020, for the first time ever, more than half the world’s population will be middle class.

The surge is being driven in large part by a middle class explosion in India and China and is now spreading to Southeast Asia and other regions around the world. Many demographers believe it may be the most incredible demographic shift ever witnessed.

It’s easy to forget that the middle class barely existed for most of modern history. There was almost no middle class before the Industrial Revolution which began in the 1800s. Before that it was mainly just the rich and peasants. Now we are about to have a majority middle class world. That’s what we’ll talk about today, even though the mainstream media would just as soon you not know about it.