China Plays It Cool

Central Control
Two Cards to Play
Grand Struggle
A Tale of Trade History
Fort Lauderdale, Reykjavik(!), New York, Chicago, Orange County, and Raleigh

Photo: Getty Images

China is the world economy’s elephant in the room. We can’t possibly ignore it, yet many try anyway. Admitting China’s influence forces us to admit the world is changing—and we all must change with it.

This year, China is in the headlines because President Trump wants better trade terms. That’s important, but it’s only one piece of a much larger Chinese story that has been unfolding slowly for decades. Periodically, I check in on the latest developments. Today, we’ll see where we are, with the help of my trusted sources.

First, I hope you saw the announcement we are ending Outside the Box after next week. This is one step in the ongoing reorganization of my research efforts. I greatly enjoyed sending you those mid-week stories and I know you liked them, too. Rest assured, we will soon offer something even better. I have more info in a short video you can watch here.