Hot Summer Mailbag

Today I am at Camp Kotok in a remote area of Maine where connectivity (the electronic kind) is limited. Rather than try to write a regular letter, I decided to hand the keyboard over to you – or at least to a few readers like you. I went through the feedback to my last few letters and picked some comments to share and respond to. These are a small fraction of the feedback we received, so forgive me if I omitted your brilliant submission! And because I want to get to the Camp Kotok opening reception in a bit, this letter will be shorter than usual.

Photo: Kevin Baird via Flickr

But first, a quick request. I had a visit with an ear specialist (ENT) about three years ago, a doctor whose office is near Baylor Hospital. I have lost track of his name, but I really need to see him again. I know he was a long-time reader. If you recognize yourself here, would you please get in touch with me? Thanks. Now to the comments.

First, a follow-up to last week’s note about Google email delivery. Reader Thomas Hurleysent this advice for other Gmail users:

Dealing with Gmail is not extremely hard. First, decide that you are smarter than Google and only have one category: PRIMARY. I never, ever let Google decide where to put my email except for Spam, which I do review because they make mistakes. But if I tell them that something is NOT SPAM, then that mail goes into the Inbox in the future.

Under SETTINGS set INBOX TYPE to DEFAULT. Under CATEGORIES check PRIMARY and uncheck all the rest so that there is only one Inbox except for SPAM. Final optional step is to open a Mauldin Economics email and then click on the Labels icon at the top of the page and create an icon. All future emails will still go into the Inbox but will also show up under that label for quicker identification. Additionally, one might sort for Mauldin Economics, and in that case I can add the Label MAULDIN ECONOMICS to 100 past emails at a time.

I hope that advice helps. Our Mauldin Economics tech team tells me that email delivery is a never-ending battle. Email providers constantly tweak their algorithms to screen out junk, and we occasionally get caught in their dragnets. You can always point your browser to, where you will see links to our last few articles on the home page to see if you are missing the letters we send. If you find that you are, just resubmit your name, and the team will get you back on the list. And check your filters and firewalls – you may be missing a lot of things you would prefer to have.

Now, on with the mail.