A Prospect’s First Visit – Nightmare or the Start of Something Beautiful

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Everybody has their first time – sitting across from an advisor.

This visit can have major consequences for how the prospect lives out their financial lives and what type of success they end up having.

Based on the findings of the review trackers data, financial services as an industry ranks 11th out of 14th in terms of average ratings.

According to the same research, only 59% of global consumers trust financial services to do what’s right.

It’s a cliche, but the saying where there is smoke, there is fire applies in this case.

First-time encounters make a huge difference in how consumers view our profession.

My first time visiting with an advisor

I had serious doubts about our finances considering our legal status. My husband and I were on different work visas and from two different countries.

HR is usually not very helpful in those cases, and the best advice they’ll give is to find a professional to talk to. But there was no direction on how to go about finding this professional.