Providing a Financial Game Plan

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“We all have our families and friends, we all value all of it, but in different ways and different things. So, it's just so crucial to really find out what people value and what's most important to them.” – Adam Freeland

Whether he’s building relationships with clients or establishing a value system with his firm, Adam Freeland of Harford Financial Group understands the importance of teamwork. Tune in as Adam shares his journey from the military to financial services and what his day-to-day responsibilities look like as the firm’s managing principal. Among many topics, he dives into his military experience and how it has contributed to the way he runs his business, and why he puts so much focus on learning and training. As someone who transitioned to financial services as a second career, Adam also shares the importance of mentoring the next-generation of financial professionals. Aligning with his growth mindset, Adam explains how he’s trained himself to remain detail-oriented while also looking at the big picture, playing dueling roles to appropriately meet his clients’ needs.

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