Here’s What the Student Debt Forgiveness Application Will Look Like

The Biden administration’s student debt forgiveness program isn’t yet open, but borrowers can now get a glimpse of the simple application that may bring them as much as $20,000 in relief.

The White House on Tuesday unveiled a preview of the application, which will be available online in both English and Spanish. The application period will open in October, officials said, and the form won’t require a Federal Student Aid ID to log in.

Instead, borrowers will fill out a simple template with their information, Social Security numbers, and an attestation that they made less than $125,000 in 2020 or 2021 if they were single, or less than $250,000 combined with a spouse. Borrowers won’t need to upload any documents, such as a copy of a tax return. If the Department of Education requires more information from a borrower, it will reach out to them directly.

The White House said it had brought in additional support to manage interest and website traffic, and that the department already has information on file for Pell Grant borrowers who qualify for up to $20,000 in relief, as well as for others who might receive up to $10,000.

The application will be available at an official government website. The White House last week cautioned borrowers against scams, which predate the student debt forgiveness plan but have new potency as borrowers brace for relief. An estimated 95% of student debt holders will qualify under the income ceiling. Of those people, as many as 45% will see their balances erased entirely, according to a Congressional Budget Office report released in September.